From Feedback - PR needs to spend time nurturing ideas

- Everybody is capable of creative thinking

Advertising is one of the few industries in which individuals have the job title 'creative' - and those people are expected to have creative ideas all the time ('A failure of creativity?',, 11 July). In PR, 'creative' is not seen as an individual discipline and little or no time is spent nurturing ideas. When I train business people how to think more efficiently, I start with the basics of 'where do ideas come from?' and 'how can we have ideas, on time, every time?', as thinking is not taught as a subject in most of educational systems. The truth is that we can all think and can all be creative. Everyone in PR has the capacity to win creative awards and sell those ideas to the clients and judges. It is the matter of believing you can and making the commitment to do so.

Reg Atkinson

- Corporates still overlook reputation management

The G4S story is indicative of the lack of importance that many corporates still place on solid reputation management ('G4S comes under fire for defensive comms stance',, 18 July). As a result, G4S is set to lose any standing it may previously have enjoyed in the security industry and it will take years to recover, if at all. It is highly probable that it will lead to the demise of the company as it is now. A complete restructuring will follow if it survives.

Bernard Wakefield-Heath

- Why didn't G4S take advice from its PR team?

G4S didn't take advice from its PR team on how to manage reputation. That's working then. Coming out of this with its reputation intact may be crucial to the survival of the company.

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