Hit or Miss? Seven London landmarks host 'secret' acrobatic performances

London landmarks including Trafalgar Square, the London Eye and Millennium Bridge were adorned with acrobatic dancers on bungee ropes, with each performance shrouded in secrecy until it was announced on social media.

London 2012 Festival: 'secret' dance stunt
London 2012 Festival: 'secret' dance stunt

The performances were part of the London 2012 Festival, the culmination of the cultural Olympiad, and featured choreographer Elizabeth Streb walking down City Hall in a pair of gold boots.

HOW I SEE IT - Kev O'Sullivan, Co-founder, Surname & Surname

With just a few days until London's biggest-ever photo opportunity, it's becoming near impossible to excite, surprise or shock with a stunt. But if you want to create a stir, who better to help than Elizabeth Streb?

The boldness of this piece puts it ahead of the other performance art and antics adorning the South Bank on a daily basis. The surprise element added to the charm - lengthy build-up would have undermined the sense of wonder.

It's by-the-by whether it says 'Olympics'. One can assume that anything big happening at this time so close to a London landmark must be linked to the big 'O'. That's why London 2012 is so thrilling - it's about far more than just sport. Streb proves anything is possible this summer.

One might argue that the PR is the by-product of the performance art. Either way, it certainly secured enviable column inches.


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