Election failed to impact on voters, finds NOP survey

The general election campaign may as well have not happened, such

was its neglibible impact on public opinion, research claims.

According to an NOP Solutions survey conducted exclusively for PRWeek,

just eight per cent of those questioned felt the election campaign had

changed the way they planned to vote.

Worryingly for the political classes, a larger number of the 1,000

adults questioned - ten per cent - felt the campaign had actually helped

them decide not to vote at all.

But 69 per cent of those questioned last weekend said a month of heavy

political activity 'had no effect at all' on how they voted.

The proportion of those claiming to be unaffected by the campaign

reached 81 per cent among voters above the age of 55. Among younger

voters, 57 per cent claimed not to have been affected by the


Asked whether political parties spend too much time and effort on

presentation at the expense of policy, more than 80 per cent of voters

agreed that they do. Only 17 per cent think the parties' commitment to

presentation is acceptable.

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