DIARY: Deep Blue beaten in chess game by Teutonic CD

Billed as the ultimate Man vs. Machine rematch, Russian chess

uber-nerd Vladimir Kramnik is out to avenge the defeat of his compatriot Garry Kasparov at the hands of the Deep Blue computer in 1997.

As the battle against new German challenger Deep Fritz looms, Kensington-based agency Idea Generation is stoking the flames of competition in its role as PR aide to the contest.

Founder Hector Proud leads the PR effort, working with clients he describes as having 'very strange hair'.

The battle, dubbed 'The Brains in Bahrain' (a la 'Rumble in the Jungle'), will take place in October and November this year.

The unsightly (and overweight, at 1.4 tonnes) Deep Blue has been superceded in a coup that echoes the bitter playground memories of chess players the world over, when it was trounced by a more popular computer - a laptop with the Deep Fritz CD.

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