Monarchy's modern approach key to success, claim PROs

Successful attempts to modernise combined with a public increasingly eager to embrace tradition have led to the monarchy's growing popularity, a comms expert has claimed.

The Royals: successful attempts to modernise has improved the Royal family's reputation
The Royals: successful attempts to modernise has improved the Royal family's reputation

The reputation of the royals was debated in a podcast ahead of the Diamond Jubilee, and following a poll in PRWeek revealing the continuing popularity of the Queen.

Discussing the issues with Ipsos Mori’s assistant chief executive Simon Atkinson was Peter Chipchase, director at John Doe.

Chipchase pointed to a moment in last year’s wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton when the royals drove from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House as symbolising a level of accessibility that was key to goodwill towards the royals.  

'[They were] down on a level with people, literally within touching distance of them, and it cannot be underestimated the way those two have changed the perception of the monarchy,’ he said.

Chipchase added that this was one way in which the newlyweds had managed to ‘create a brand between them’ that had helped the monarchy ‘embrace modernity’.

These efforts were further complemented by a public that was embracing tradition, with the growth of royal fashion showing this, Chipchase added.  

‘I saw the Queen in GQ and her style is being pushed out as the style that everyone is wearing, [and] you’ve got these kids in Dalston wearing Barbour jackets,’ he said.

A recent Ipsos Mori poll showed that 80 per cent of Britons wanted to remain subjects of the Queen. Just 13 per cent wanted to live in a republic, the lowest proportion for at least 20 years.

Atkinson compared the situation to the 1990s, when support for the monarchy was at a low following the death of Princess Diana.

Like Chipchase, he pointed to the royal wedding as key, as well as a lack of mistakes since that period.

‘There’s now an absence of criticism from the public in that they like what they see and were drawn in by the whole show last year,’ he said.

To watch the podcast, click here.

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