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Fiona Hall

Chandler Chicco Companies

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Longest-held clients

Allergan, Novo Nordisk, Novartis

New business contact

Fiona Hall, European CEO Chandler Chicco Companies (CCC) and senior managing director, inVentiv Health Communications/Europe (iHC/E),, +44 (0)207 632 1800



Fiona Hall, European CEO Chandler Chicco Companies (CCC) and senior managing director, inVentiv Health Communications/Europe (iHC/E)

+44 (0)207 632 1800

Describe your agency in five words.

Pioneering, Innovative, Collaborative, Creative, Strategic.

How would you sum up 2011 at your agency?

Challenging, but full of opportunity. The CCC proposition of specialist healthcare services under one roof enabled us to support clients in achieving operational excellence, developing best-in-class multidisciplinary solutions whilst also driving efficiencies.

What was your agency’s high point of 2011?

The launch of inVentiv Health Communications/Europe, a Super Agency bringing together all of inVentiv Health’s advertising, public relations, public policy, market access, medical education, marketing, branding and digital assets in a unified offering in Europe. Our new way of going to market enabled CCC to collaborate more closely with inVentiv Health’s advertising businesses, as well as inVentiv clinical research, selling solution and consulting teams.

What was the low point?

We added a floor to CCC’s purpose-built offices and were working amongst workmen and boxes for a while!        

Please give an overview of your staffing through 2011, including significant hires and internal promotions.

We had 23 new hires in 2011, including the appointment of David Kane as Managing Director of Biosector 2 (B2) and Sally Irvine as a Senior Consultant for Chandler Chicco Agency (CCA). Our ‘no walls, no titles’ culture continued to resonate and empower staff, with everyone encouraged to turn individual skills and passions into both personal and business opportunities.

What were your three best campaigns of 2011?

  1. An extremely successful multi-stakeholder, multi-market programme to educate and support women living with HIV and those who care for them. The campaign faculty were also invited to present special lectures as part of the plenary session at the European AIDS Clinical Society congress.
  2. A disease awareness campaign for World Pneumonia Day that included the development of a global documentary highlighting the impact of the disease.
  3. An important multi-market strategy for the publication of data on a novel catheter system, that became one of the most widely reported congress stories of the year.

What were your most exciting client wins of 2011?

A European strategic communications programme in the anti-infective arena that included extensive local market engagement and implementation.

An expert-led educational programme for baby formula brand, SMA.

We also had two significant wins in clinical trial enhancement, a growing area of business for CCC.

Of which achievement in 2011 are you most proud?

Being recognised as digital innovators in the healthcare arena. We had significant growth in digital and social media work at CCC throughout 2011 and have been awarded a total of 14 industry awards and accolades to date. Our ‘Pioneers in Digital Health’ events in London and New York have also been extremely successful educational events, keeping CCC and our clients on the cutting edge of digital in healthcare.

What trends did you notice throughout the year in the industry?

Tightening regulations across Europe, consolidation in the payer community and generic penetration, all of which contributed to a much more dynamic business model in which drugs and health services were evaluated by a much wider nexus of stakeholders and ‘beyond pill’ strategies were paramount.

Tell us how your digital work became more measurably effective in 2011.

We measure everything we do in the digital space. As an example, CCC created an App for healthcare professionals to use with patients as part of an overall disease awareness campaign for atrial fibrillation (AFIB): In terms of measuring the effectiveness of the App, CCC tracked App review sites, downloads, interactions with the App via analytics, App ‘shares’, related email traffic and reviews on both iTunes and Android stores. Results for the campaign included +26,500 users with an average session length of 6 minutes, excellent user feedback, ratings of 3.5 stars in the App Store, positive anecdotal feedback from a broad variety of stakeholders and significant repeat traffic, with 75% of users returning.

What’s your priority for the agency this year?

To continue to stay ahead of industry trends.  To build integrated and flexible marketing solutions that reach intended audiences with greater speed and relevance and to be in the markets that matter most to our clients.

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