Hit or miss? The MoD's plans to put missiles on top of a block of flats

Battery operated

The news that the MoD had earmarked a block of flats in Bow to have a surface-to-air missile battery put on its roof as part of security during the Olympic Games was broken to residents via a poster and leaflet campaign last Friday. Some of the 700 residents in the block voiced fears about falling debris and that they could become a terrorist target. They were joined by the local MP in slamming the MoD for failing to consult.


James Clark, Director, Cardew Group (former head of news, MoD)

In pure PR terms, the missiles on the roof story has to go down as a 'miss', but one delivered with much sympathy to the MoD.

Firstly, while dropping leaflets through people's doors casually announcing you are going to put a surface-to-air missile battery on their roof might cause consternation, it is not easy to think of a better way to communicate with all the residents of a block of flats at the same time. Perhaps 48 hours of door-knocking, but that is about it.

Equally, one does wonder what the fuss is about. If the missiles are never used it is hardly a problem and if they are, who would begrudge the saving of many lives? Residents fear they will be a target - but of what? It is a ridiculous position to take and I rather like the MoD's stance of 'stop whingeing and get on with it'.


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