Flack's Week: 27 April

This week... the CIPR drew parallels between public affairs and terrorism, PROs struggled round the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon and Mark Borkowski gets arty...

Mark Borkowski: has had a 'visual/spatial installation' set up outside his new offices in Waterloo
Mark Borkowski: has had a 'visual/spatial installation' set up outside his new offices in Waterloo

Some may say lobbying is akin to terrorism in its threat to democracy, but not normally the kind of people who read PRWeek. However, Flack was surprised to see that the CIPR drew parallels between public affairs and terrorism in its draft definition of lobbying (see page 13). It cites the Terrorism Act 2000 as an existing legislative precedent set up to recognise an act which is 'designed to influence the Government'. Hmmm, now that you mention it ...

The London Marathon saw the usual well-meaning PROs raising money for charity. In particular, Skywrite account director Ruth Walters-Crisp ran for Pancreatic Cancer UK, achieving 4h 39m. SRF Communications account executive Zoe Chanas ran it in a still impressive 5h 43m, although it was the music as she crossed the finish line that stuck in her mind: the theme tune of the Teletubbies. 'Nothing like running 26.2 miles and being disappointed by the choice of music, but I will always remember it,' said Chanas ...

News reaches us Mark Borkowski has had a 'visual/spatial installation' (his words) set up outside his new offices in Waterloo. The installation features a vast reproduction of the eye of the infamous Mickey Mouse publicist Harry Reichenbach, and is designed to commemorate Reichenbach's first visit to London 90 years ago. Borkowski said the artwork is 'a monument to creativity and audacity and pays homage to the genius of our publicity forebears'. Sounds intriguing.

Flack in pictures

Oh, that Ben Fogle. He just can't stop being the hero. The grandmother's favourite and full-time posh outdoorsy TV type gave up traversing perilous slopes to help out at a Bournemouth beach clean-up with W Communications and only went and found a live bullet. Thus potentially saving kids, whales and mermaids. The man just can't help himself.

Why did the PR man cross the road? Is this a look of love? And at what point does a chicken made out of recycled cardboard become a traffic hazard? Hope&Glory's Carl Steer's eye was caught by the passing poultry when the agency helped the RSPCA promote its awards recognising food and fashion brands' positive ethical practices.

Smurfs. With their freakish alien complexions and forced jollity, Flack finds them strangely terrifying. Just as well, then, Flack wasn't around when SRF Communications thought up a 'smurf invasion' for a client wanting to take part in cancer charity The Tom Prince Trust's 'blue day' in Portsmouth.

Flack: (Saving) on expenses - Amba, Hale, Cheshire

Reviewer Lucy Oates, PR account director, RMS PR.

What is it good for?

Perfect for business lunches. From quick but delicious deli sandwiches to set lunch menus, there is a great range of fresh dishes to suit any palate.

Signature dishes

The tempura haddock with crushed minted peas is the best fish and chips around. Amba's Mexican chargrilled chicken, guacamole, red pepper relish and crispy potato skins is also fantastic.

Who's the boss?

Ryland and Judith Wakeham and David Edmundson.

Tips please

The bar always has a least one bespoke seasonal cocktail on the menu, fantastic for a cheeky lunchtime treat and a great way to uncover new cocktail flavours.

What's the damage?

The atmosphere, menu and interior are a sure-fire way to impress clients, and prices will also impress your accountant. A set two-course lunch, including a glass of wine or beer, is £13.95 and can be extended to three courses for just £16.95. Deli sandwiches start from £5.00.

Amba Restaurant and Lounge, 106 Ashley Road, Hale, Cheshire, WA14 2UN. 0161 928 2343.

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