From Feedback - Is Bellwether Report of any use to PR industry?

Bellwether is lacking as a commentator of standing

We have said it before, and unfortunately we have to say it again - Bellwether might tell us something valuable about advertising, but it tells us nothing of interest about PR ('Marketing group that contains PR remains hardest hit in Q1 Bellwether Report',, 19 April).

Every time this report comes out, its findings run absolutely contra to the sentiment in the PR industry. It says it all that Bellwether lumps in PR in with 'other' - it simply does not have the knowledge to be a commentator of standing on our industry.

Francis Ingham

Bahrain created a conflict among team spokespeople

Many in Bahrain did not seem happy with the weekend's events - some seemed to be struggling with a conflict between their personal views and their roles as spokespeople for their teams and Formula 1 ('Bahrain Grand Prix was a weekend of "mixed messages and confusion",', 23 April).

Also, some appeared surprisingly poorly prepared to deal with the debate, with several claiming to have no views on the situation, making them look ill-informed at best. It was no surprise that some of the sport's elder statesmen seemed best able to manage this, with Red Bull driver Mark Webber standing out as being willing and able to discuss the issues surrounding the race.

David Robson

Big Lottery campaign for youths set to be red-hot

The Olympic torch youth campaign makes me have visions of a UK-wide parkour event with blowtorches and aerosols ... ('The Big Lottery Fund in Olympic youth campaign pitch',, 17 April)

Patrick Peal.

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