Global: Focus on ... Chile

Population: 16,746,000
Urban/rural split: 86.9%/13.1%
Capital city: Santiago
Monetary unit: Peso (Chdollars)
Age breakdown: 0-29, 48.5%; 30-59, 38.7%; 60+, 12.8%

In March 1990, Chile ended General Pinochet's 17-year dictatorship and elected a government which rapidly set about liberalising its economy.

GDP has grown by an average of four per cent every year since 1999. Yet the Chilean PR industry is struggling to establish itself.


The state owned television network, Television Nacional de Chile, is self-financed by commercial advertising, so is not under government control. The print media sector is buoyant. More than half of the country's households have internet connections, and more than half of the population is on Facebook.

Major brands

Chile's economy is based on the export of minerals. It is the world's largest producer of copper. While companies in the extractive industry are usually strong on CSR and public affairs, they are not noted for large-scale consumer campaigns.

"A few years ago, PR was only for people who could afford a sustained campaign; now they have social media" - Steven Adler Commercial director, Mi Tiempo Touch.

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