CAMPAIGNS: Company Promotion - Brodeur sets (ring) tone for Envisional job

Client: Envisional

PR Team: Brodeur Worldwide

Campaign: Illegal ring-tones cost the music industry around dollars 1m a


Timescale: April - May

Estimated Budget: pounds 8,000

Cambridge-based company Envisional uses top-notch search engine

technology to uncover intellectual property abuses on the internet.


To create a news hook that would promote Envisional's software


Strategy and Plan

In-house research at Envisional discovered that there are more than

1,400 websites that make mobile phone ring-tones available via the net.

The challenge facing Brodeur was how to turn this into a newsworthy


Members of the analyst community confirmed that most of these sites

operated illegally and that each downloaded ring-tone was worth around 8

cents (5 pence).

Envisional's technology also showed that a single site could generate as

many as 30,000 downloads of each ring-tone. The final figure was a

whacking dollars 1m per day lost in royalty fees. Record companies, who

had already approached Envisional asking them to investigate the scale

of the problem, gave the story extra weight.

Selected broadcast and national media were briefed on these findings

and, using the viral nature of news transmission, the story reached

other media, in the UK and abroad.

Measurement and Evaluation

BBC TV Breakfast news and The Financial Times ran the story on the

morning of the release alongside live interviews with Radio Five Live,

London Live and CNN.

Print coverage included, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The

Independent. Substantial regional coverage was achieved via PA and

several newswires also ran the story, spreading as far as NBC's Today

programme and to newspapers in Kuala Lumpur and Sydney.


The campaign demonstrates the power of viral marketing. Envisional CEO

Brian Earle said afterwards that coverage was so extensive that

'everybody seems to have heard, read or seen at least one piece both

here and in the US.'

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