Hit or Miss? PM attacks the fat cats on Andrew Marr Show

Cat fight David Cameron used his first major interview of 2012, on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, to outline plans giving shareholders the right to block fat cat pay rises and 'golden parachute' deals, in a step against 'crony capitalism'.

Cat fight: David Cameron fights excessive bonuses
Cat fight: David Cameron fights excessive bonuses

The PM said his Government is set to end the 'merry-go-round' of company executives sitting on each other's boards and rubber-stamping unjustified rewards that 'make people's blood boil'.


Darren Murphy, Chief executive, Centreground Political Communications

This year began counter-intuitively, with the PM attacking 'crony capitalism' and the opposition leader launching an 'onslaught' on benefits 'scroungers'.

Cameron polls well on leadership but not on empathy. Ed Miliband has made a number of statements on welfare, where the Conservatives have established a commanding lead with the public. Miliband argues there is a single thread of 'irresponsibility' stretching from big bankers' bonuses to benefit cheats that only he can break.

Both know 'who's best to govern in a time of austerity?' is the inevitable question at the next election. The winner will be the one who persuades the public they can be both fair and efficient. So, expect more Cameron positioning against the 'irresponsible rich' and more Miliband efforts to reform the 'irresponsible poor'.


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