DIARY: Will Hyperjuju moniker help MacLaurin stand out?

The quest for an original moniker has led many a company down

unusual lines, creating and combining words in the hope of finding

untrodden soil.

Major organisations have responded with the likes of Accenture and

Consignia, but the PR industry always tends to come up with something a

little more interesting.

MacLaurin, for example, has eschewed traditional tactics (such as using

the founder's initials), rebranding online arm POWonline as the quite

magnificent 'Hyperjuju'.

Explaining the decision, director Colette Flanagan, who will lead the

Hyperjuju team, put the name down to 'a lack of available domain


The title derives from a combination of 'juju', which the dictionary

says is 'an object supersitiously believed to embody magical powers',

with 'hyper', 'added to represent the internet', according to


The decision to change the name of the five-strong team sees MacLaurin

continue its February rebranding, dropping the Powerhouse name carried

over from the acquisition of the latter agency four years ago.

'The trend will continue as there are no sensible names left,' predicts

Flanagan. OrangeAfro, NetGoGoGo, and PromoYumYum: your debut awaits .

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