CAMPAIGNS: PRODUCT LAUNCH - Brodeur wins global debut for Robodog

Client: RoboScience

PR Team: Brodeur

Campaign: Launch of the RS01 RoboDog

Timescale: 28 February - 20 March

Budget: Undisclosed

The RSO1 RoboDog was developed as a showcase for next generation

robotics technology, but, owing to the extensive interest in the dog, it

is being made available as a limited edition product.

Developed by ex-Formula One design chief Nick Wirth, the RSO1 features a

number of technical and design innovations that are applicable to a

variety of different industries.


To launch the RSO1 RoboDog and create must-have status among potential

buyers while also highlighting to business audiences the licensing

opportunities that the technology provides.

Strategy and Plan

Brodeur hosted a messaging workshop that defined the unique nature of

the RSO1 and encapsulated the different benefits to a diverse


Since the press would need some visual evidence of the dog's size and

capabilities, Brodeur Interactive created a streaming media file that

was held on a password-protected website and available to journalists

who had signed non-disclosure agreements.

It was clear that this would often run as a picture story and a variety

of different shots were created: from external shots of the RSO1 cocking

its leg against a pillar-box to shots of the dog being 'walked' by a


With limited time and a limited budget, the strategy was to create a

phenomenon around the RSO1 by appearances in a broad spectrum of


Extensive pre-briefing was held with a variety of broadcast (Sky, BBC,

CNBC) and national press (Financial Times, Sun, Mirror, Guardian and

Observer, Reuters), with all stories timed to break on the morning of

the launch.

Given the international appeal of the story, considerable effort was

made to reach out to international news-feeds (British Satellite News,

CNN, Rex Features, Reuters, PA).

The considerable publicity on launch day itself encouraged more than 30

press to appear at the launch, including six film crews and eight


Measurement and Evaluation

The launch received almost blanket coverage in the UK, in everything

from Hello! to the FT. Over 30 broadcast hits were achieved, including

major news slots in ITV, BBC and Sky.

Stories appeared in the FT, Sun, Mirror, Mail, Mail on Sunday,

Telegraph, Guardian and Evening Standard.

Dozens of regional media hits were secured, thanks largely to

distribution via PA. The extent to which the launch permeated the

national consciousness can be guaged by the fact that cartoons appeared

in both The Daily Telegraph and the Mail and Ned Sherrin even referenced

the story in Radio 4's Loose Ends. Significant overseas coverage was

achieved via CNN and in Japan, Fuji TV, Tokyo Broadcasting Systems and

Nikkei (Japan's business daily) all covered the story.

Subsequent press enquiries were received from as far away as San

Francisco, Brazil and South Africa and stories appeared in the Toronto

Globe and Mail, South China Morning Post, New Zealand Herald and ABC

news (US).


In the space of a week, the RSO1 went from complete unknown to global

phenomenon, a remarkable result given the meagre budget and the short


More than 300,000 hits were received on the RoboScience website in its

first week and the global scale of the coverage positions the company

well to pursue its various licensing deals.

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