From Feedback - Has Bostrom hit nail on head on measurement?

- Onus is on PROs to interpret information

I agree with Matt Bostrom's focus on tangible, business results ('Matt Bostrom, APCO Worldwide: Made for measurement',, 3 November).

The nuts and bolts data about how many tweets, re-tweets and mentions is important for PROs to assess the implementation of the plan. It is their responsibility to interpret those numbers and understand the impact of the programme on the business.

Patricia Caballero

- Hilton's view on personal communication is spot on

I totally endorse Anthony Hilton's view that we have lost the art of personal communication and how to relate in a business context ('Anthony Hilton: Reading a room is now a dying art',, 2 November).

It is hard to think back to a time without 24/7 email access. A bigger problem is meetings with lots of people and no clear agenda, something technology has only made worse, since we can involve lots of people easily in meeting situations and rely on emails to do our communicating and follow-up.

Heather Ogie

- It is time to differentiate between good and bad PR

Let's not get too carried away with Miliband's comments ('Ed Miliband breaks silence over Occupy London protest at right time, say PROs',, 7 November).

What is more interesting is George Pitcher's suggestion that the PR industry is the issue. How can he draw a distinction between capitalism and the type of 'juvenile and inconsiderate' capitalism that brings down banks and ruins communities, but can't see the difference between all PR and the irresponsible lobbying that can seriously damages lives?

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