From Feedbakc - Was it right to shut St Paul's Cathedral?

Decision to close St Paul's was a PR own goal ...

Come off it Rob Marshall (33rpm owner). I live just around the corner from St Paul's Cathedral and pass the wilderness of empty tents every morning and evening ('St Paul's Cathedral and advisers in "PR disaster" according to PR experts',, 28 October).

I have spoken to police, press and protesters. Neither the police nor the fire service said the cathedral had to close.

That was your decision and it backfired spectacularly. You should have stuck to God and left mammon to the experts.

Jack Irvine

... and the PRO in charge lacked professionalism

Listen to yourself Rob Marshall: 'These people are extremely ill-informed'; 'we've been dealing with hundreds of media calls a day'; 'the problem we have is we're in a post-Christian culture'; 'PR has difficulties with the nuances of injunction and eviction'.

A pitiful response from someone who calls himself a PR professional.

Ben Caspersz

Comms experts would make excellent CEOs

We are seeing quite the same situation in America among corporate affairs/comms professionals, particularly at the top level of management ('Danny Rogers: Corporate affairs is gaining influence',, 27 October).

On many fronts the tide has shifted toward realising that corporate comms and PR play a key strategic role in advancing a business' objectives ...

I would argue that corporate affairs/comms professionals are well poised to be future CEOs. After all, who else besides a CEO or chairman has their finger on the pulse of a business more deeply than a PR professional?

Keith Trivitt

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