Flack: Flack's week

The world of lobbying was rocked by the news this week that Bell Pottinger Public Affairs chairman Peter Bingle had penned his last-ever 'musing'.

In a Bryronesque epistle to his adoring fans, the tortured Tory lobbyist poured his heart out. 'It is no longer possible to be honest and open,' he sobbed. 'There are some not very nice people out there. The time has therefore come to return to blissful anonymity.' The ingratitude of man! Oh well, Flack still loves you, Peter ...

There are many things one might say to someone who set their house on fire by lighting fireworks indoors, but 'will you be our Bonfire Night safety ambassador?' probably wouldn't be one of them. Nevertheless, Manchester City's Italian striker and all-round 'character' Mario Balotelli is to front a Great Manchester Police firework safety campaign, only days after the fire brigade was called when 'friends' let some off in his house. What next? John Terry leading a campaign for, er, (consult lawyers here - ed) ...

Finally, hot on the heels of the 'world's biggest slipper', a Michigan restaurant has created the world's biggest burger, weighing in at 24 stone. This year we've already had the BT Tower turned into the Star Wars-themed 'world's biggest lightsaber' and a KFC ad that could be seen from space (apparently). Come on then Ann Summers, show us what you've got ...

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