Public Affairs: Soap Box - Iain Anderson, director and chief corporate counsel, Cicero Group

Lobbying has again come under the spotlight. But for those of us who are prepared to stand up for transparency, this is a really good time.

On Radio 5 Live last weekend I took the opportunity to say: 'I'm proud to be called a lobbyist.' But the BBC still managed to find people who are not prepared to stand up and be counted in the same way.

What concerns me still is that, for example, holding parliamentary passes is seen as legitimate. It is not.

Labour MP Michael Meacher's EDM and the new Public Administration Select Committee inquiry both point to the Werritty affair, asking questions that focus on the operation of the ministerial code. The Cabinet Office report makes it clear Werritty was not a lobbyist and all three main parties accept this.

We need that review of the ministerial code. But Meacher's EDM is wrong to focus only on business. It should actually ask the question of all lobbyists. Perhaps some questions - Mr Meacher - about the number of third sector organisations that hold parliamentary passes and have privileged access to Westminster would be worth posing?

My mantra is always, does the activity stand the test of public scrutiny? This must apply to everything we do. Let's now drive out of the industry those not prepared to stand up for transparency. Let's end the headlines.

A level playing field for all is what is required. The Government now appears minded to ensure that everyone who lobbies - law firms; trade unions; business groups and consultancies - are all inside any planned regulatory perimeter. I have nothing to fear from that. It is spot on.

I know some people think lobbying is on the back foot at the moment and has had a bad couple of weeks. It is for them to answer for their outdated modus operandi. Transparent lobbying has had rather a good couple of weeks.

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