OPINION: The Big Question - Is sex'n'drugs'n'rock'n'roll no more than a PR myth nowadays? Robbie Williams went to bed as early as midnight after the Brits, Craig David doesn't sleep with groupies and Coldplay don't drink

ADAM LIVERSAGE - Universal Records

'It's not a myth, as many bands do indulge in depraved activity.

Sex'n'drugs'n'rock'n'roll is a potent image and one that will forever

make great copy. Record buyers are less impressed with musicians

behaving badly - especially with the sex'n'drugs bit which has lost much

of its ability to shock. Coldplay have demonstrated that what matters is

whether bands have good songs.

When I met Eminem during his London shows, I found him to be charming,

polite and funny - not like his myth suggests. I am reliably informed

that he stayed up very late but was still in shape to do an endless

stream of interviews and promotional activity - a true



'If it is a promotional myth then it's certainly one that's worked. If

Steps can assume the garb of a strung-out groupie, then the alternative

is mainstream and rock'n'roll excess is as easily achieved as any other

Top Shop look. Thirty years ago the rock elite blew their fortunes on

week-long parties, coke-fuelled orgies and leather trousers. Now they

have realised that serious money is to be had getting up at 4am for a

kids TV show - which leaves little time for driving Rolls Royces into

swimming pools. But teenagers buy the image wholesale. To see

rock'n'roll excess in its splendour, don't go to the Brits, go to a

Midlands nightclub.

While the fans are living the dream, the stars are in bed preserving

their energy for that all-important appearance on a Dutch gameshow.'


'The idea that you can construct a wild lifestyle just to court coverage

is a complete myth. It never sticks or leads to enduring audience appeal

- just ask Gail Porter. But there are still plenty of music and showbiz

players who continue to have it large and live the life, and get the

respect they are due. Perhaps the number of hotel rooms being trashed

has declined, but that's probably because real celebs are more likely

than not out 'tearin' it up' without a helping hand from their corporate

PROs. The difference is today's genuine stars don't need to offer photo

rights to their nights out or appoint a PRO to spin tales of their

excesses to sell their next new release. They are for real - and that's

exactly how it should be. If you've read it in the papers, more likely

than not, it's just a promotional stunt to shift some albums!'

JAMES POWELL - Hall or Nothing

'It's a myth that bands like to live the rock'n'roll lifestyle - if you

go to an aftershow party you'll see that it's media types who are doing

all the wild living, and they perpetuate the image so they can continue

to live that way. Some of the footage of Rolling Stones tours is

appalling, but now it's a case of 'been there, done that' and the new

thing is to be a competent musician. Bands like The Monkees didn't get

up to anything: it wasn't one of their selling points.

With popstars, the PR and press people have always tried to hide their

bad sides, even wives and kids. With someone like Liam Gallagher, he

doesn't do half the stuff that's printed about him, but we like to see

people who are silly rich making mistakes and having to apologise.'

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