DIARY: Barclay Stratton's Cunnane 'proves' the relative excitement of bingo

It never ceases to amaze us what some people will do to attract


Take Barclay Stratton board director Ann Cunnane, for example. This

erstwhile upstanding pillar of the PR community resorted to forcing a

gang of wholesome young men (cobbled together from a variety of sources)

into a strip club in Hammersmith, west London, to publicise her firm's

latest client, Bingo Games.

Yet the sleight doesn't end there. The upstanding fellows subsequently

found themselves lampooned across much of the national media for finding

more titillation in a round of 'eyes down' and 'legs eleven' than from

ogling a rogues gallery of madams, sordidly removing their no-doubt

garish garments.

The brave tykes - average age 25 and all reportedly 'red-blooded' -

responded admirably, bearing out Cunnane's belief that bingo would prove

more arousing than the base peep show.

However, one must sympathise with Cunnane, who admitted to still having

nightmares after being exposed to the lair of lasciviousness


Not content with plunging the gentlemen to the depths of moral

depravity, the agency achieved a more literal version of this feat by

measuring their heart rates as they risked life and limb to partake in

bungee jumping.

Once again, they failed to get as excited as at the bingo hall. Quite

right, too.

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