From Feedback - Is CIPR and PRCA spat damaging profession?

Outside forces pose threat to PR industry

The ongoing spat between the CIPR and PRCA is not doing the profession any good at a time when we all need to be standing together ('CIPR slams PRCA for "copying" over launching individual membership',, 4 October).

The real threat is from other industries and disciplines - advertising, digital, marketing, and management consultants - converging on our territory.

The profession needs to work together to modernise what we do. Too many people who work in PR still do not have a clue what it really is and are simply publicists and media relations practitioners.

That is what both the CIPR and PRCA should be focusing on.

Stuart Bruce

CIPR and PRCA must work together to define PR

I completely agree with Stuart Bruce that what both industry bodies need to be focusing on now is defining PR and individual specialisms to both their members and then to business in general.

After many years in the industry, I have started a CIPR diploma to enhance a portfolio devoid of a professional qualification.

All those attending my first workshop were equally as confused about the definition of PR. In my opinion, this is a key reason why membership take-up remains low within the industry and will continue to be the case until this issue is addressed.

Tracey Crawford

Competition can only be good for the industry

This is a classic case of the category leader failing to deliver for its customers, therefore allowing a worthy competitor to enter the market. Competition good, monopoly bad.

Pat McLaren.

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