MEDIA: Harpers latest hire aims for 'more life'

Harpers & Queen has appointed Simon Tiffin as deputy editor with a

remit 'to bring some more fun to it, to generally give it more


However, Tiffin denied that the National Magazine Company title is

deliberately targeting younger readers.

Harpers, which traditionally has an image as the magazine for the county

set, has been seen as shifting ground - although NatMags this week

rejected the idea that it should change the name to the more simple


Publisher Tess MacLeod Smith refused to rule out a name change in the

future, however.

Tiffin rejected the notion that editor Lucy Yeomans, who took over in

January, is concentrating on one set of Harpers readers to the exclusion

of others.

'The idea is not necessarily to take it younger,' he said.

He added that targeting specific age groups was misleading, although the

magazine was looking for more readers.

'If you did aim for 35-year-olds, you wouldn't alienate anyone who's 40

- 40-year-olds now don't share the same attitudes of those from previous

generations. People aren't quite as set in their ways as before and

Harpers is responding to that.'

In addition to deputising for Yeomans, Tiffin has a wide remit. 'I will

be having a hand in everything: features coverage, arts coverage, front

and back of book. Ideas are always a big part of the job.

'Lucy has a clear vision for the title, which I share. Every few years,

every magazine needs a fresh look to keep it an exciting title.'

Jennifer's Diary, the section which publishes snapshots of debutantes,

minor aristocracy and TV and film stars, will remain sacrosanct, Tiffin


Tiffin joined NatMags from Conde Nast, where he was editor of GQ Active

until November 2000. He began freelancing at Harpers in December.

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