DIARY: It's just another day as GHPR promotes its hot popstar hopeful Wilkes

The latest pop sensation to be hyped by the media is Jonathan Wilkes. And Diary can reveal that the PR agency behind him is GHPR.

His single Just Another Day is due out on 5 March, and he's already made the cover of Smash Hits magazine. But up until now, 22-year-old Wilkes has been as famous for his status as Robbie Williams' mate, as for his music.

Diary imagined the team at GHPR had a dilemma on their hands when deciding how to promote Wilkes' single. Play the Robbie card, thereby gaining acres of coverage, but lose all credibility; or not, and risk oblivion?

Chris Hewlett, GHPR director, admits: 'We could have jumped on the Robbie bandwagon. But we've turned down loads of stuff, and we're still getting the results.'

And the agency does seem to have been doing a good job in getting the message across that Wilkes is, in fact, a talent in his own right.

He is a veteran of the Blackpool club scene, who co-writes his songs and actually performs them live.

And the proof of the pudding, in this case, is in the playing. The single is on over 100 playlists, including Radio 1, Radio 2 and London's Capital FM. Could this integrity technique catch on?

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