DIARY: Too many badly presented fictional PR officers spoil the real life plot

Your trusty trade title says 'enough is enough' to the unfair portrayal of PR types in the fictional world.

We were prepared for Channel 4's West Wing, with its casual slur on the spin doctor fraternity. White House press secretary CJ is, despite her penchant for dissembling, a sympathetic character. Sidekick Rob Lowe has viewers on his side with his permanently-undone-top-button approach to life.

We even let it pass when Sex in the City PR woman Samantha Jones explained to her chums that telling a potential conquest 'I work in PR' was in fact saying 'I give good head'.

But BBC 1's Monarch of the Glen took the biscuit, the mug of tea and the badly written press release. The portrayal of council PRO Matt McArdle as a sinister plotter out to close the local school was nothing short of distorting a profession.

His final undoing was an old - though given recent industry events, not unimaginable - cliche: to wit, he had lied about his university education in a bid to secure a plum job.

Diary asks all readers to inform prweek@haynet.com of any further examples of industry misinfomation. We will take the producers to task, in an effort to stop this injustice.

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