THE BIG QUESTION: What is the most embarrassing thing you have seen at an awards ceremony? - The award season is in full swing following the collapse of Judy Finnigan's dress at last week's National Television Awards

Addie Churchill, Talk Loud PR

Addie Churchill, Talk Loud PR

'Luckily, I have yet to lose clothing myself. But I lost all professional dignity at the Brits a few years ago when I realised my heart-throb of ten years before, Sting, was offering me a drink and chatting to me and my record company client. It would have been a good moment to be witty and to network for future meetings, but sadly, my heart fluttered, my words left me and I was left there looking like an overawed teenager. Amazing, considering I have worked with celebrities and royalty throughout my career, but a crush is a crush!'

Larry Franks, Borkowski PR

'The worst thing I have ever witnessed at an awards ceremony was, unfortunately, the behaviour of my current employer, Mark Borkowski at the 1990 PR Week Awards. Such was his shock at being announced the winner of the Best Promotional Activity, that he stood up, looked around, walked over to the presenter Alan Wicker, and gave him a huge kiss on the lips. And not just a gentle peck either. A huge great mouthful. The rest of the audience at the Grosvenor House looked on in horror. For Mark, it was probably a publicity stunt. For Alan Wicker, it was probably the excuse for him to start travelling the world again.'

Simi Belo, Text 100

'There was one incident I found really embarrassing and funny, which I was unwittingly involved in. At this year's PC Zone awards presented by Mark Lamarr, the company I was working for was neck and neck with an arch rival in winning all the awards available, and I had already been on stage quite a few times to collect our awards. Mark got totally confused at the final and most prestigious award - PC Game of the Year. He named a game from our arch rival as the winner but invited me to come and collect it. Admittedly, he realised his mistake soon enough and made a good recovery. I, on the other hand, froze for a second too long and missed the chance to dash on stage and grab someone else's award!'

Sacha Taylor-Cox, Slice PR

'Last year I was working at the Ericsson Muzik Awards and I was allocated a really important journalist to look after who was following Fatboy Slim around for a feature in one of the broadsheets. I got introduced to him, got some drinks and sat down with him. He said he was happy to do his own thing so I let him get on with it. The actual feature came out on my birthday and I was sitting in a restaurant with some friends and my boss walked in with a copy and said that I was famous. He pointed to one of the pages which had my name on which was nice until I read it - it said 'and everyone keeps introducing me to people like Sacha from Slice as if I'm meant to know or care who they are.' Nice touch!'

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