DIARY: Charlie's Angels photoshoots illustrate PROs at their creative worst

Hey Charlie, it's another case for the cliche police ...

It seems that whenever three women in PR stand together, some genius immediately thinks Charlie's Angels. Diary can barely move for the surfeit of Farrah Fawcett-inspired releases weighing down the postbag these days.

PR agencies sent their Angels-themed press releases last year and had them binned without comment. But the trend won't die, and Diary must take a stand.

A small selection of this week's offerings range from an agency boss tempting a PRWeek reporter to 'give me a call if you want to learn more about my angels'; to a Harrogate-based duo (yes, there's only two, but they still couldn't resist) boasting how they are climbing the career ladder in 'true Charlie's Angels style'.

What, exactly, are they trying to prove?

Rumour has it that there was a time, not so long ago and not so far, far away, when Charlie had an entirely different meaning within the PR industry.

Now Charlie's Angels has become a cliche in its own right.

Diary does not wish to appear ungrateful, but please stop now. Otherwise somebody may be tempted to point out the irony of such a creative, cutting edge industry resorting to such tired old themes.

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