Public Affairs: Soap Box - Peter Bingle, chairman, Bell Pottinger Public Affairs

For some time it has been clear that the Number 10 team has needed additional help. The situation is now so serious that the PM needs to go beyond his own loyal and trusted circle and get real professionals involved.

There are two obvious candidates. Both are superb political operators. Lord Guy Black and Sir Stephen Sherbourne are not just good at what they do. They are the best in the business. Respected by their peers, they have the experience to take control at Number 10 and steady a ship that is in danger of sinking.

Guy has the brains, political skills and expertise and experience to work his magic at Number 10. Stephen is the best strategic adviser in the business.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside the great man. He would bring stability, experience and sheer class to Number 10.

A former PM once talked about 'events, dear boy, events ...' At the moment the PM is responding to them. He needs advisers around him who have the skill and experience to take back control.

Patrick Rock has joined the policy unit as a special adviser and Michael Fallon has been made deputy chairman of the Conservative Party. These appointments are to be welcomed but they are not enough. The PM is also missing the skills and experience of his long-serving aide Andrew MacKay.

All governments and indeed Prime Ministers have bad weeks. Developments and issues come from nowhere and cause momentary discomfort. That is not where we are.

It is far worse than that.

The political establishment is in danger of a Valhalla-like collapse as the world of the gods is destroyed for ever. This is the time to seek the help and assistance of the best in the business. Black and Sherbourne would surely respond to the call to come to the aid of the party they love so much.

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