DIARY: So here's to you Mrs Robinson ... a mixed bag of PROs respond

With news that the press officer's friend, Anne Robinson, will be taking a break from presenting Watchdog to become the highest paid female British TV personality, Diary has been worrying.

How will the PR industry cope without 'I'm glad to be called Mrs Awkward' interrogating its number in the name of the consumer?

Reaction has been split. Khalid Aziz, the Aziz Corporation chairman, is disappointed. 'Her departure means we'll have to teach another technique.

She was wholly predictable, with her hectoring style, which you can train clients to overcome,' he claims.

'The big worry is they'll actually get someone who really knows how to interview,' he says.

BT senior press and broadcasting officer Robert Dunnett says 'a little light has gone out of our lives. She was the best. Who else could give a kicking, give someone half the chance to defend themselves and then throw a curveball, all in the space of two minutes?' he asks.

Which leads Diary wondering, who actually got two minutes to do all that?

Final word goes to Anita McErlean, Airtours director of group communications, and veteran of three jousts with the red knight: 'Anne who?' she jokes.

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