Twitter reaction to closure of the News of the World this Sunday

News of the World journalists took to Twitter last night, revealing their 'sadness' over the decision to close the paper rather than the anger that media reports suggested had developed among its 200 staff.

Twitter: filled with NOTW reaction
Twitter: filled with NOTW reaction

Hashtag NOTW dominated the list of trending topics in the UK. The newspaper was referred to more that 7,000 times within an hour and a half of the story being reported at 4.39pm yesterday afternoon.

NOTW employees themselves remained overwhelmingly loyal to the departing brand.

The News of the World's political editor David Wooding tweeted: ‘For those of you who didn't catch me on TV I said: "The current staff of the NotW are blemish-free."'

The newspaper’s showbusiness editor Dan Wootton posted a link on Twitter to a full statement. It said, in part: ‘You ask any journalist at the News of World about the allegations that have been made over the last week and we are disgusted. We are not reading about the newspaper we work for today - it's a brilliant newspaper and that's what is so sad about this. It was a decision that, we have been told, was made at board level in New York - that's the explanation that's been given to us. We didn't see this coming. Why the decision has been made, for the staff at the News of the World, is irrelevant to be honest. We are just devastated.’

Steve Lillis a freelance reporter who works on the sports desk at NOTW, tweeted: ‘Gutted I've had a great 3 yrs at NOTW but feel worse for the staffers and desk men who did nothing wrong and put their life into the paper.’

Trevor Davies, technology editor at News of the World, replied to negatives tweets: ‘Anyone who thinks this is good news can't see the big picture #thedaythemusicdiedabout.'

David Coverdale, a journalist at the newspaper, revealed how he heard the announcement: ‘Heard the news of my #notw job in Wales from a Norwegian journo. Having to watch my colleagues on BBC News. 168 historic years just gone.’

Greg Gobere, sports reporter for the News of the World, showed some humour in his tweet: ‘That pay rise I was going to ask for is out of the question now! Sad news for a lot of good people who are paying for the actions of others.’

NOTW news reporter Tina Campanella tweeted: ‘Just lost my job on the News of the World. Absolutely devastated that a talented group of people are suffering right now.’

Piers Morgan, former News of the World editor, also tweeted support: ‘Shocked and saddened by closure of the News of the World.’ He quickly added: ‘Scandals of past week indefensible, but has been a great British newspaper.’

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