Greenpeace's spoof of Volkswagen's Star Wars ad removed from YouTube

LucasFilm has forced YouTube to remove Greenpeace's spoof of Volkswagen's 'Star Wars' style advert.

Greenpeace: campaign against Volkswagen
Greenpeace: campaign against Volkswagen

The viral film, which has already had around two million views, is part of Greenpeace's aggressive campaign against the car-maker’s environmental record.

YouTube bowed to pressure from LucasFlim, the creators of 'Star Wars', to remove the video after it complained. The video, a spoof of Volkswagen's own advert ‘The Force’, features a legion of seven-year-old children armed with light sabers taking on Volkswagen.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Leila Deen said: "Our campaign ad is a light-hearted way of telling the truth about Volkswagen and its opposition to climate change laws.

"We're disappointed that it has been taken down and we’re hoping it’s just a case of some rogue droids and that many more people will be able to watch the film soon.

"'VW: The Dark Side' is still available to view online after Greenpeace alerted its supporters via Twitter and Facebook when the video was removed from YouTube. In turn, activists reproduced the film all over the web, many tweeting a line from Star Wars: "If you strike us down, we shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

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