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Last week, More magazine was taken over by its Facebook fans who put together and edited the issue.

More: Facebook issue
More: Facebook issue

The Facebook edition was the magazine's way of celebrating its 100,000th fan on the social networking site, recognising Facebook as a genuine customer database and rewarding loyal followers for engaging with the brand on the site.

Head of social media at Threepipe Beth Carroll praised the initiative, saying: 'Any brand that sees the value of listening to its customers through social media channels will reap the benefits.'

PR professionals also managed to get involved with the special edition, supplying £10,000 worth of prizes.

More editor Chantelle Horton says: 'You can't have oneway conversations any more. People are proud of being in the magazine, so they and their families will buy it. I'm hoping this issue is a big seller and something we can build on and do again.'

The editorial team runs the online version of the brand - the website, Twitter and Facebook - as well as writing and producing the magazine. By communicating directly with readers, the team discovered that Facebook in particular can be used as a platform for conversations, with More acting as the host.

Horton continues: 'We have a higher number of followers on Facebook than Twitter.

Facebook's success is that it is more of a community. Twitter is one person's view, while Facebook is more of a long and intimate conversation.'

Exposure's senior digital specialist Nik Thakkar says that due to the visual nature of its website, More may benefit from a presence on an image-led social media platform such as Tumblr: 'It could be used for fashion and beauty content, recommendations and insights. It could potentially drive subscriptions.'

There are opportunities for PROs to gain exposure for clients both in the magazine and online.

Product placement plays a large role in the relationship between the editorial team and agencies, and the website highlights a brand discount, a competition and new fashion, beauty and celebrity content daily.

However, Carroll comments: 'More focuses heavily on competitions, and that tends to attract those who enjoy entering competitions rather than those who are engaging with the brand.'

While online content is shorter than that in the magazine, it does offer opportunities for PROs to get interactive with More's readership.

Online content is based around pictures and videos, and about issues on which readers will want to share opinions.

The editorial team prefers to be emailed on any day of the week, except Thursdays, but Horton warns: 'I'm not keen on PROs who say "hey, how are you?, long time no speak", when you have not heard from them before.'

Circulation: 188,265 (ABC July-December, 2010)
Price: £1.50
Frequency: Weekly
Publisher: Bauer Media
Facebook: More than 100,000 fans
Twitter: 30,000 followers
Contact: Editorial assistant,


- Are you interested in working with brands?

We are doing a big campaign with Miss Selfridge, with lots of in-store activity and online videos of how to style outfits. It is about giving girls the tools to do it themselves. We are definitely interested in working with other brands and bringing them alive for young people. If they love your brand, they want it on their phone, computer and when they go shopping. If any PR professional can help us make their brands come alive, then we are interested in talking to them.

- Describe the magazine

It is like going out with your best friend on a Saturday night. It's fun, uplifting, useful, nonjudgemental and very positive. We do cheap fashion, practical beauty and try to assist with every part of your life.

- How does the magazine differ from the website?

The website is exactly the same - very positive. So everyday we have a Morning Glory - a hot man who comes to your inbox to cheer you up. In the magazine, we do things in depth and move things on. People do not want to sit and read a four-page psychological test online, so that is one for the magazine. Online, we use a lot more video, have lots of links and share opinions.

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