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Simon Redfern, 21 June

I recently saw Peter Mandelson speaking at an event and he made plain his desire to end party infighting and delivered a few choice remarks on where the party should go. He said the Labour Shadow Cabinet 'should be more interesting' and there should be more freedom to take risks. He's right of course, but risk-taking is a very dangerous game in opposition. Play it wrong and you can end up in a very bad place indeed ...


Fiona Chow, 21 June

In today's society, one of the defining characteristics of a middle-class lifestyle has to be having your own personal trainer. As a business model, personal training is fraught with financial risk for the trainer. For client retention, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. Take my latest excursion in my local park, for example. Despite the pricey jogging kits, it was clear the main thing on display was the various merits of our chosen trainers. Like a two-legged version of Crufts ...


Neil Flash, 21 June

When I bought my last new car, the first optional extra I got was a built-in sat nav. I hate getting stuck in traffic and being forced to come off my planned road to turn around and take a different route. The coalition government is in exactly the same frustrating spot. In recent weeks, we have seen U-turns on NHS reform, sentencing plans, etc. All I am waiting for now is a U-turn on fuel duty and income tax, and I'll be happy ...

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