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While Google may not 'get' social in terms of building a Facebook killer, it certainly understands how to create content to drive traffic socially. Last Thursday, the office was a cacophony of stringed sounds that sounded more like a world music festival than a guitar, but you couldn't help but notice Google's Les Paul doodle. People emailed their friends about it and turned around to their pod neighbour and showed them how it worked. According to the Rescuetime blog; it generated 20 tweets a second and kept people on the Google page for ten per cent longer. If that isn't a social object in action, I don't know what is.


Fiona Chow, 9 June

The world of PR now has its own positive re-enforcer in the form of the mystery industry figure allegedly cleaning up Wikipedia entries.

It appears that Wikipedia's self-regulated format has served to give it kudos as a source free of editorial bias. And it's this very trait that a) allows our mystery PRO to play fast and loose with history and b) perpetuates Wikipedia's position as a premiere information portal for just about everything.

The business leaders involved are now in the position of having previous negative stories brought once more to the fore. It reminds me of a past client for whom we sent daily press clippings with all references to his receding hairline carefully Tippexed out. The substance of the story remained unchanged but this minor detail served to ensure that his balding pate was the first thing we referred to. It became the defining feature rather than colourful backfill.

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