CAMPAIGNS: Weekly Web Watch - AC relaunch impresses on internet

Organisation: Accenture

Organisation: Accenture

Issue: Andersen Consulting name change


Andersen Consulting is dead, long live Accenture. The world's largest consulting firm changed its name on 1 January, with a completely new corporate identity, and a serious new website to match.

Accenture was coined by one of the company's consultants in Norway, to connote putting an accent or emphasis on the future. The move marks a final break with the Andersen name after the consultancy parted company with Arthur Andersen.

The home page is packed with mentions of the new name - no reference is made to the old. The three newsy links start with 'Accenture's capabilities', and only the second bullet point leads to the 'ePresskit' in the online press office and 'We've officially changed our name to Accenture'. The third point is about the new ad campaign, which has already hit the press and TV. You can even watch the ads online.

The home page almost has too much information on it, although all the links look enticing. Features flagged up include a profile of Finland's leading telecoms and internet service provider, Sonera, and a focus on supply chains in the oil and gas industries.

Beyond that, it's a question of 'where do you want to go today?' to nick Microsoft's line. Of course there's information about Accenture's various consulting services, the industries it works in, and client case studies, but this isn't just a glossy online corporate brochure. Among the 9,000-plus pages there's plenty of in-depth analysis of management issues and papers written by Accenture's consultants across the world.

The 'Ideas' section has think-pieces on a broad range of very 'now' topics, such as what m-commerce really means for your business, and winning the war for talent. There are also details of research initiatives, in areas such as 'Business in Society', and details of conferences which Accenture is involved in.

There is also a news-room with press releases going back to 1998, and the all-important careers section - probably one of the most important functions of the site. This is incredibly in-depth, with lots of background on how the company works, and current vacancies all over the world. These are divided into the amount of work experience candidates have, presumably to save the company and applicants time.

Accenture has done a comprehensive job of wiping out its old identity, and even if it's too early for the offering to have changed, the spirit of the new brand is on every page of the site. It's also made sure the old Andersen Consulting site is truly buried - when you go to, you are greeted with a picture of a butterfly and the message 'Welcome to Accenture, the new name for Andersen Consulting', and automatically rerouted to the new site. All in all, a thorough reinvention using the corporate website to its best advantage.

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