From Feedback - Has FIFA's reputation been tarnished again?

FIFA chief Blatter shows remarkable PR skills

What absolute nonsense ('FIFA reputation suffers further blow as sponsors hit out over corruption,, 31 May).

The PR managers responsible for FIFA's PR should become the hottest property in crisis management PR. They and FIFA chief Sepp Blatter have just delivered a master-class in how to handle a tough situation. Blatter's PR skills are formidable.

Paul Seaman

Banks need to secure trust of customers

There are some people who feel that many banks are Teflon coated and regardless of the reputation damage they suffer, they will always emerge unscathed from controversy.

Well, the advent of PPI has added further grist to that particular mill ('Banks must go further than payments over PPI mis-selling, financial comms PROs warn,', 10 May). Just as UK consumer sentiment was showing some green shoots of recovery for the banks, along comes another scandal to undermine their standing. Although this is all depressingly familiar, the real danger for the banks is that this consistent undermining of trust will lead to a point where reputation recovery becomes virtually impossible.

So, how can the banks and the sector as a whole begin the process of reputation rehabilitation?

Well, the first part of the answer is indeed an obvious one - change your behaviour - no more scandals. The second is to look around and find companies that somehow have instinctively and intuitively placed the customer at the centre of the organisation.

Milorad Ajder.

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