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Ged Carroll, 7 June

One of the key trends in marketing circles is the allure of nostalgia. This is considered to be partly motivated by consumers looking for comfort from a halcyon view of simpler times ... From P&G and PepsiCo throwback packaging to steam punk fiction and the retro festivals organised by Wayne Hemmingway, nostalgia seems to be here in a big way ...


Simon Redfern, 6 June

This month's Wired has a host of articles dedicated to geek god Steve Jobs. The biggest thinkers from the industry have submitted their views about how Jobs has created such a successful firm. And now ... Labour.

Whenever I read anything about vision, creativity, passion, I think: how could a party of opposition use that, how could Labour develop that kind of mentality? Apple, in its purest form, points the way for a political party looking to recreate and renew ...


Fiona Chow, 1 June

Ever wondered how to make a long weekend feel even longer? May I suggest the addition of three children under the age of six? Soak in sugar and E-numbers, chuck in a couple of German Shepherd puppies and mix well with mild hangover and - voila - your trifling three-day weekend feels like a life sentence. Still, the greatest test for brand messaging is that it should be simple and concise enough for young children to understand ...

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