DIARY: Moores' the pity as Euro PR director creams up

Euro PR director Bill Moores has been spending an unusually long time in his bathroom.

Together with wife Sue, he has been a guinea pig for a Daily Express article on couples swapping skincare routines for a week.

And have the various treatments worked? Er ... 'It is a load of rubbish.

All these creams do is fill the dead skin. They must be full of silicon which is why women's faces have that shine,' says Bill.

While Bill has passed extra hours applying and removing creams, his wife has faced a soap and water regime. 'She is fed up,' admits Bill.

Sue - minus her cream and lotions, but with added crows feet and wrinkles - has barely left the house as her face is all cracked and wrinkly. 'It's horrible,' confides Bill.

So will Moore be retaining any newly-acquired routines? 'I was cynical before but the anti-wrinkle creams have had some benefits,' he says.

Suitably inspired, Diary plans to encourage PR execs to take part in our new series, documenting PR execs swapping clothes with their spouses.

Did anyone say tip of the iceberg?

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