DIARY: PR Xecs Njoy BubLE on XpNsS? Better believe it

MacLaurin has worked hard on behalf of client Genie to develop its dictionary of text-messaging abbreviations, otherwise known as the SMS DXNRE.

The dictionary contains phrases that normal individuals would use in everyday life, like 'remMbR', which is short for remember, and 'QmQ@', which is the incredibly handy way of writing 'kumquat' on your mobile phone.

But MacLaurin staff have been working overtime to develop their own special dictionary of handy words and phrases for the PRO about town.

Diary has obtained a copy of the helpful document, and can share it for the greater good of the PR industry. It contains handy one-word phrases such as 'PR Xec', 'XpNsS' (expenses) and 'BubLE' (champagne). And for those who look back with nostalgia, 'Ab Fab Darlin!' merits a mention.

But we're sure that no-one working in a PR agency could possibly need 'Dnt caL us we'L caL U'.

And neither should 'NMF UL hav 2 spEk 2 my AD', - which translates as 'It's not my fault, and I'm afraid you will have to take the matter up with my account director' - be of any possible use to the upstanding professionals of the PR community.

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