Hit or Miss? - US gov't releases behind-the-scenes images as bin Laden killed

Caught on film

The White House released dramatic photos of President Obama and Hillary Clinton watching Osama bin Laden being shot dead by US commandos. The pictures made the front page of many UK newspapers on 3 May, including The Times, which reported: 'Obama watches live video as US Navy Seals kill terror chief.' The death of bin Laden gives a huge boost to the US President as he prepares to seek re-election next year.


Charles Lewington, Managing director, Hanover

What a great picture from the White House situation room - no wonder it was standing room only. However, the release of such a photograph begs a few questions. Did the President see bin Laden shot (allegedly with his wife in front of him)? Did they see the body and will the Pentagon release any footage before it gets to Wikileaks?

At the time of writing, the last question remained unanswered, though the military will come under huge pressure to release something. Humiliating images will risk inflaming sentiments in the Muslim world, but may hose down the conspiracy theorists who suspect bin Laden is still alive and will appear, by video-link, from beyond his watery grave.

My advice to the Pentagon would be to release edited highlights of Seals and copies of the DNA match from his sister. - HIT

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