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Matt Bourn, 12 April

Google's Eric Schmidt will be delivering the MacTaggart lecture at this year's MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival.

It's been a long time coming, as online viewing continues to gather pace and snap at the heels of traditional broadcasting. From the BBC's invaluable iPlayer to Channel 4 on Demand, the way we consume TV has changed forever ...


Ged Carroll, 11 April

Facebook is looking to prise journalists away from Twitter with its Journalists on Facebook page. Aside from the authoritarian watchtower logo, it provides some useful best practices. What I am less certain about is that Facebook will be able to steal journalists away from Twitter, mainly because Twitter has two functions; serving as a promotion mechanism and as a 'zeitgeist' machine; this second role is something that Facebook does badly ...


Simon Redfern, 7 April

Lib Dem leaders, with the possible exception of Menzies Campbell, are very interesting.

Campbell was experienced, but not interesting. Jeremy Thorpe - intriguing. Davids Owen and Steel - curious. Ashdown - fascinating. Kennedy - absorbing. So, it comes as no surprise that Nick Clegg is starting to display all the hallmarks of interestingness. This all started with Cleggmania. Even the most restrained of political egos would have had a hard job containing the excitement and joy of that moment ...

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