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Posted by Jaselyn Melling

11 April - Awful, aggravating and annoying. The Go Compare campaign has received so much negative attention that it's actually been voted the most annoying ad for the second year in a row. Forums are packed with nothing but negative feedback. Despite this, the company's profits have nearly doubled ...


Posted by Paul Sutton

11 April - We've all had discussions about the benefits of social media marketing; what it can do for brand awareness, for word-of-mouth and brand perception, and for driving traffic to websites via direct routes, referrals and through search engines. But here's a question: what can't social comms do? What prompts this post is an ongoing debate I have been having with a new client about, you have guessed it, the value/ROI of social media ...


Posted by Louise Mackintosh

11 April - The concept of 'Olympic Spirit' is generally accepted to be something to do with participation, endeavour, effort and drive. Nothing then to do with gold, glory or beating the competition. So, after a recent CIPR talk given by Mark Blayney Stuart, head of research at the CIM, on ambush marketing - and specifically how it is defined by the IOC and the legislation in place to quash it during London 2012 - it is unsurprising that I came away feeling rather bitter.

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