Feature: A guide to Ofcom's product placement rules

Placement: Coca-Cola features on American Idol [Pic Rex Features]
Placement: Coca-Cola features on American Idol [Pic Rex Features]


Which programmes can be included?

Films (including dramas and documentaries)

TV series (including soaps)

Entertainment shows

Sports programmes

Programmes the BBC acquires from elsewhere or those made by its commercial TV services


Which programmes cannot be included?


Children's programmes (aimed at those under 16 years of age)

Religious programmes

Current affairs programmes (analysis of current events and issues, including material dealing with political or industrial controversy, or current public policy)

Consumer advice programmes

BBC programmes made for BBC licence fee-funded services


Which products are banned?

Cigarettes and other tobacco products

Medicines available only on prescription

Alcoholic drinks, gambling products, all other types of medicines, food and drink that is high in fat, salt, or sugar (defined by the UK's Food Standards Agency nutrient profiling scheme) and baby milk

Products that cannot be advertised on TV (such as guns and other weapons)


Editorial justification 'The content of programmes should not seem to be created or distorted just to feature the placed products. Programmes can't promote placed products or give them too much prominence.'



Product Placement - A Place for PR?

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