Reputation Survey: Apple - Apple still top of the tech tree

As media hype over the launch of the iPad2 rumbles on, Apple remains the tech brand with the best public reputation.

Brand status: OnePoll's word cloud reveals the public's opinion of Apple
Brand status: OnePoll's word cloud reveals the public's opinion of Apple

Amid news that Apple's iPad2 sold out within 24 hours of its UK launch last Friday, new research finds it is the tablet computer most people want to buy.

In total, 77 per cent of respondents to PRWeek/One Poll's latest survey said they would rather own an iPad than any other tablet, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab came second with ten per cent.

Apple is also still the technology brand considered to have the best reputation by 48 per cent of respondents. Last year, when PRWeek asked the same question, the brand came first, but with 54 per cent of the vote. As with last year, second place went to Microsoft with 22, and third to Google.

Meanwhile, more people polled this year think Apple is the most innovative tech brand (67 per cent compared with 60 per cent last year). Apple is still seen as the 'coolest' tech brand (67 per cent compared with 65 per cent last year).

Interestingly, 53 per cent of respondents said the launch of the iPad had improved Apple's reputation, compared with 32 per cent last year. But 58 per cent believed the iPad did not have as big an impact as the iPhone on the technology landscape.

Of those who already owned an iPad, 37 per cent said they would buy the iPad2 for the new features and 11 per cent because they wanted the status of owning the latest model. But 66 per cent of respondents said Apple launched new versions and products too frequently, and 69 per cent said this applied to tech companies as a whole.

Survey of 2,995 members of the public conducted by global research agency OnePoll


The Apple success story continues to amaze as it leaves all its rivals in its wake. Apple gets a 67 per cent 'innovative' rating compared with Google's 11.9 per cent, Blackberry's six per cent and Nokia's 1.8 per cent. The ratios for the 'coolest' rating tell a similar story.

Much of this reputation has been built recently on a product that defied categorisation at launch, when many commentators weren't sure how it might be used.

A year, on the iPad has sold more than 15 million units worldwide and, as I write, people are queuing round the block to buy the second version. This Apple story confirms that people like great technology, but add great design and they'll love it. It's interesting to learn that many people think companies produce new version of products too often but nearly half of those polled want to buy the new version of the iPad either for the features or for the status.

Apple - and founder Steve Jobs - have changed what people expect from technology forever.

69% of respondents said technology companies launched new versions of
products too frequently

67% said Apple was the 'coolest' tech brand

54% disagreed that tablets would replace desktop computers in the next

Has the iPad launch improved or detracted from Apple's reputation?
14 - Don't know
53 - Improved
9 - Detracted
24 - Neither

Are Apple's rivals doing enough to keep up with the brand?
8.5 - Yes, they are ahead
31 - Yes, they are at the same level
38.5 - No
22 - Don't know

If you already own an iPad, will you buy the iPad2?
18 - No, it is too expensive to change
37 - Yes, I want the new features
34 - No, it is not different enough
11 - Yes, for status of owning the latest model.

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