Voluntary Sector: Taking Action ... Trades Union Congress vs The Government

Protesters: Trades Union Congress
Target: The UK Government
Location: Central London
Date: 26 March

The lowdown

Up to 500,000 people protested against the Government's cuts programme, making it the largest demonstration since the anti-Iraq war protest of 2003. The march was marred by violence in the West End, as anarchists attacked banks and shops, and fought running battles with the police, while the main body of protesters gathered in Hyde Park.

Why the protests?

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: 'The thousands coming to London from across the country will be speaking for their communities when they call for a plan B that saves vital services, gets the jobless back to work and tackles the deficit through growth and fair tax.' He added that the cuts are going to cost jobs 'on a huge scale - adding to the misery of the 2.5 million people already on the dole'.

How did the Government respond?

Prime Minister David Cameron refused to comment on the mass demo. However, Business Secretary Vince Cable told the BBC's Politics Show: 'No government would change economic policy in response to a demo.'

Media treatment

The protest was one of the main stories in the news, with particular coverage being given to the violence, Labour leader Ed Miliband's appearance and the sheer size of the march.

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