DIARY: Aussie shows initiative, now show her a job

With the number of people who bend Diary's ear over the issue of finding new staff, the following story is very surprising.

Stieve De Lance is an Australian who has worked for five years in public relations, and even holds two degrees in the subject. She has been in this country for six months, but has not had any luck in finding work in PR.

Her most recent experiences have been more than just disheartening.

De Lance took her CV into the offices of a well-known London department store, and asked them to be passed to the PR department. When she went back a minute later to retrieve her lost bag, she overheard the PR manager and receptionist laughing at her audacity in, well, in showing some initiative.

The experience - along with other knockbacks - have led De Lance to believe that the PR industry 'hates Australians'. It does seem bizarre that someone with De Lance's experience and skills - she speaks German and Chinese - can't find aPR job in London.

Is there anyone out there who can prove her wrong?

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