From Feedback - Should COI be replaced with comms centre?

- The devil is in the detail of COI replacement plan

As a former Whitehall director of comms, I have seen many reviews of COI come and go over the years ('COI should be replaced with Government Communication Centre, claims Matt Tee review',, 18 March). Matt has made some sensible proposals - but the devil will be in the detail, and at first sight there is a danger in these proposals of creating overlapping layers of bureaucracy with two heads of two parts of the government comms family of professionals.

Brian Butler

- This is just the latest in a long line of changes

Whatever recommendations are proposed for any aspect of government comms, it is always vulnerable to change by subsequent governments. Last year it was Simon Lewis merging functions, this year Matt Tee dissolving the COI, next year ...?

Alastair MacDonald

-The nuclear debate is not as simple as for or against

The debate over nuclear energy in light of the Japan nuclear disaster ('Japan crisis will hit UK nuclear lobby, claim PROs',, 16 March) will likely be simplified into a pro or against sham. The disaster really makes it clear that active water cooled reactors are subject to rare but catastrophic risks if the cooling system is damaged.

Ken Shonk

- British public needs to be assured of nuclear safety

Any sort of disaster could hit any nuclear facility - be it a fire, accident, or natural disaster. Britain is not immune and PR people have a tremendous task to reassure the public about the nuclear industry.

Sarah Cullum

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