Get your content moving: How to create good video content

Experts tell PRWeek how to boost your videos

Tips: Videos should engage the viewer
Tips: Videos should engage the viewer

Do not make an advert. 'Video content needs to be appreciative of a media-savvy audience who recognise when they are being "sold to",' says USP Content's Gardner. Over-excitable clients who want a brand mention in every scene and a logo at the bottom would be better off consulting with an advertising agency.

Put the audience first, not the client. 'This may sound counter-intuitive but otherwise you run the risk of creating a fabulous corporate video that no-one will ever watch,' warns Adam Clyne, commercial director at TVC Group. Gardner agrees: 'Those producing successful campaigns will have considered the relevance, audience hook and shareability. You must appreciate the end user.'

Know what you want to do with the content. 'What a TV station requires is very different from what a blogger will use,' says Clyne. A TV station might need a clean B-Roll in broadcast quality. An online news site may want a full package including music and voice-overs, whereas a blogger may prefer a shorter clip with a smaller file size.

Quality is vital. Clyne says: 'Owning a video camera is not necessarily a qualification to handle branded content.' Video has to be well-produced, of high quality and well-edited. You would not send a tiny, blurry, out-of-focus photograph to accompany a picture story, so apply the same logic to creating video content. This may mean you have to invest, but Gardner points out: 'Investment in film, sound and edit is appreciated by online editors and the viewer.'

Content needs to be entertaining and tell a story. You do not have to film reams of content - Bright Star Digital's Lyddon recommends keeping videos 'short and sweet'. But unless there is a genuine reason for a person to watch the film, they will not.

Online video: Get your content moving

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