From Feedback - Should Bell Pottinger be working for Bahrain?

- The CIPR code says to check accuracy of info ...

You'd have thought that as a fellow of the CIPR Lord Bell ('Bell Pottinger's work for Bahrain Government under the spotlight', 25 February, would abide by its Professional Code of Conduct. He said: 'We don't create the messages. We don't create the policies. We communicate them.' Under the heading 'Integrity', the code clearly says: 'Check the reliability and accuracy of information before dissemination.'

Stuart Bruce

- ...but Lord Bell does not want to rock the markets

No big surprise really, as Bell made his name as the mouthpiece for an autocratic style of leadership here in the UK.

And in line with the Thatcherite mantra that the market is everything, he's not going to jeopardise the obvious growth potential of the Middle East.

Alastair MacDonald

- Banks will only lend to businesses in good shape

The issue ('Business Finance Taskforce hands banking brief to Portland', 24 February, has to be tackled in two ways - the banks need more confidence to lend, but businesses need to be in better shape when they go to a bank for money.

The question the Government should be tackling is how we equip SMEs with the necessary skills to be able to go to the banks with an attractive investment proposition.

All we have heard from the current Government is cuts to SME business support - we have yet to hear what it is going to do to ensure we encourage an enterprise economy where entrepreneurs are supported in launching and growing the businesses of the future.

Esther Porta

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