Hit or Miss? - KFC revises catchprase in bid to portray healthier image

Not finger lickin' KFC has announced plans to drop its famous 'Finger Lickin' Good' catchphrase after more than 50 years. The fast food giant is changing its slogan to 'So Good' in a bid to create a healthier image. KFC said the UK rebranding exercise coincided with a decision to introduce healthier frying oils, but some newspapers were sceptical. 'To cite health as the reason ... seems perverse,' opined a leader in The Independent.


Of course, all fast food joints get a kicking from the obesity police, but at least KFC's chicken has some protein.

Consumers understand 'good' to mean wholesome, not just tasty. A genuine attempt to reduce salt and hydrogenated fat levels as well as promoting more of its healthier menu options would give more meaning to the 'good' tag. But the concern with fast food brands is also their ubiquity and the lack of any alternatives on the high street.

In these sanitised times, the idea of 'lickin' your fingers is clearly out of vogue. Points to the branding team for working with the material it had, clearly updating the Americana from the deep south to the shopping mall. For maximum impact they should book Justin Bieber to sing the jingle - as McDonald's did with Justin Timberlake and 'I'm Lovin' It'. - HIT

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