THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: Should you let your heart or your head

Scope Ketchum’s Alison Inglis-Jones is to follow her ’calling’ to work in the voluntary sector

Scope Ketchum’s Alison Inglis-Jones is to follow her ’calling’ to

work in the voluntary sector

Esther Kaposi

ex-Mercury Communications

’It depends at what stage you have reached in your career. When you are

starting out it makes sense to take a few hard-headed job choices to

fill in the skill gaps in your CV. Later on you may reach a stage where

you can afford, financially and otherwise, to do something that feels

right. In the end it’s down to gut instincts.’

Lesley Brend

The Red Consultancy

’My heart - definitely. There would have to be a degree of pragmatism

behind the choice, but at the end of the day what feels right rather

than what pays well has got to be the best option.’

Rosalyn Palmer

Rosalyn Palmer PR

’I like to think that I can combine both - you should be able to be a

successful business person and still have decent values. We give people

here one paid day off a month to do community work if they want to. Most

people have an altruistic side that they should be allowed to


Trevor Morris

Quentin Bell Organisation

’You can do both by pursuing a solidly commercial career, but lead a

moral and personally fulfilling private life, with work for good


It’s all very well to have your heart in the right place but if you

haven’t got the right skills you won’t be of any use to the voluntary


Alex Johnston

Freud Communications

’It depends where you are in your life and how important the CV is to

you. If you’ve just got married, want to settle down and have some kids

maybe you wouldn’t want to have to drive yourself up the corporate

ladder. You might be better off basket weaving in some little studio off

the Kings Road. I’d like to be ’basket weaving’ but we’re still on an

earn-out at Freuds which keeps me here!’

Julie Sawyer

Lever Bros

’I do sometimes think about giving it all up and going to work for a

good cause, but my ideals go out of the window when the bills come


So it’s my head that governs my choice.’

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